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The Pandemic Brain

Workshops & Keynotes

Insights and Perspectives for Better Choices.

You have power over your mind -not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

Marcus Aurelius.

The Pandemic Brain Keynotes and Workshops are designed to help people better understand their own minds and learn how to make better choices for increased wellbeing, creativity and team collaboration.

The Pandemic Brain Workshops & Keynotes:


  • Pandemic related stressors to the human brain.  

  • Our minds reaction to uncertainty and change.

  • Actions we can take to help and elevate our minds under pressure and make better choices for personal wellbeing and professional productivity.

 Key Take-Aways:

  • Knowledge about the human mind, how it reacts and how it influences our behavior in challenging and sometimes stressful situations.

  • A better understanding of how we can be proactive, make deliberate choices and avoid being victims of our minds.

  • Get helpful strategies for reaching greater levels of well-being and productivity, in life in general and work-life in specific.

45-minutes Keynotes / 2-hours Virtual Workshops.
Length, content and delivery style can be customized.

The Corporate Spring Presenters

Annicken R. Day

Founder, CEO & Culture Strategist
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  +47 98 28 98 91

Founder and CEO Corporate Spring, executive advisor for Fortune 500 leaders, international keynote speaker, moderator and writer; Annicken R. Day helps and inspires leaders around the world in building thriving, high performing team cultures wired for the new world of work. As Chief Culture Officer Tandberg and Culture Ambassador Cisco, she played an incremental role in building world class cultures in fast moving, high-growth IT companies, and today Corporate Spring has some of the world’s leading IT firms as clients. Annicken is also a columnist for Huffington Post and Business Insider, co-author of the book “Creative Superpowers” and author of the novel Fly Butterfly (recently released in Norway as Fly, Sommerfugl). Read more here.

Trude Helen Shelby

Partner, Business Psychologist
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+47 98 22 81 93

Former HR director TANDBERG and Cisco, Organizational Psychologist and certified Gestalt Psychotherapy Coach, Trude Helen has in-depth experience and understanding of the underlying dynamics of organizational life and how to use effective HR strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of business. With background from organizational transformation, mergers & acquisitions, talent and succession planning, leadership development and team excellence, Trude coaches leaders and team members, facilitates workshops and give keynotes on how to optimize team performance and create thriving work cultures for the new world of work. 

Mikael Hansson

Associate Business Psychologist

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Licensed psychologist with extensive experience of developing people and organizations, Mikael’s expertise is to develop management teams and coach leaders into become the best versions of themselves. He assesses and advices individuals in their personal development and helps leaders and management teams develop their business, while helping them integrate their personality with the current role in the present context. 

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