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The Corporate Spring Model™

– for inspired, high-performing team cultures

After nearly 20 years of studying, testing, practicing and achieving extraordinary results in some of the world’s most successful companies; we have developed The Corporate Spring Model to help our clients deliberately, strategically and continuously work with the principles we know lead to inspired, innovative, high performing team cultures.

The approach is founded in science, with a holistic perspective on human behavior, organizational psychology and group dynamics; grounded in reality, practically oriented and inspirational.

Research from Gallup shows that highly engaged teams, who are passionate and enjoy their jobs, are more creative and innovative, their organizations are more profitable – and they deliver up to 50% better performance than those who are less engaged!  

Teams, organizations and businesses are made up of people, and when leaders and organizations start caring and investing in the HUMAN side of their business; great performance and results will follow.

The Corporate Spring Model shows you how.

Do you want to learn how to work with The Corporate Spring Model in practice?

The 5 foundational building blocks


Being aligned around a team purpose, a “why”, a reason for existing. Having an environment of inspiration, pride and feeling of meaningful work.
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A shared understanding of what makes the team unique. Agreements on how to work together. Having a sense of “belongingness”.


A psychologically safe environment where everyone can be themselves, be honest and make mistakes without fear of retribution. Feeling that someone has one’s back.

Growth Mindsets

Understanding the power of the mind, that mindset is a choice, change is the only constant and that skills, talents and abilities constantly can be developed.

Passion & Joy

Having an inspiring and energetic work environment where people enjoy themselves, feel passionate about what they do and have fun doing great work together.
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The 3 behavioral drivers


Creating a culture where people work well together, energize each other, collaborate effectively, make good decisions and support each other in making them come to life.


Creating a culture that encourages diversity of perspectives, background and cultures, while aligning around some common principles for good, authentic and effective communication.


Developing effective leadership mindsets and behaviors, being an inspiring and good culture role model by starting with self-awareness and learning to lead self, before leading people and teams.

Why are inspired team cultures good for business?

87% of the global workforce say they are not engaged in their jobs.

Only13% of the global workforce say they are engaged in their jobs.

Research from Gallup shows that powerful, thriving & highly engaged teams not only are more creative, innovative, agile and have a much lower attrition, they also outperform the less engaged teams by up to 50%.

Regretfully, only a minority of the workforce say they are engaged in their jobs, which costs US businesses alone more than $500 billion USD per year in unused potential.

Lack of leadership is given a lot of blame for the lack of employee engagement in most workplaces. In our experience this has a lot to do with leaders lack of knowledge and experience in how to create engaged, inspired teams and organization.

 We want to help change that. The Corporate Spring Model is designed to help leaders understand what they can focus on and actually do, in order to create more engaged, inspired, high performing team cultures in the new world of work.

Do you want to build inspired, high-performing team cultures?

The Corporate Spring Model is grounded in science and practical experience and has been tested on thousands of leaders and teams for nearly 20 years and has led to highly engaged organizations, world-leading innovation, Best Places to Work Awards and extraordinary business results.

In an ever-changing, increasingly complex world, The Corporate Spring Model is a holistic, simplified and practical approach in how to build strong and engaged team cultures that will thrive and deliver great performance in the new world of work.

Do you want to learn how to put The Corporate Spring Model into practice?


Jason Angelus

Director Customer Engagement Center of Excellence, Cisco

Having worked with the Corporate Spring team over the last years, I have first-hand experienced the amazing effect of what they do and how they do it. By combining theory, experience and neuroscience with excellent facilitation skills, they have trained, inspired and provided tremendous value to our 350 people global team. As an outcome of the 10 workshops they have delivered, both in-person and virtually, we have experienced significant increase in the levels of trust and engagement in our team – and improved the business results have followed as a consequence . People work more effectively together, collaborate better, are more creative, and are all-in-all happier with their work and their team. The return of this investment has been phenomenal.

Ingrid Woodhouse

VP People & Development, Pexip

Corporate Spring was instrumental in our process of defining a common culture and values for the combined company this spring and help us focus on what matters the most in order to create a high performing global team. The presentation Annicken R. Day and Mikael Hansson held on our kick-off, about the importance of corporate culture, was extremely well received and created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. We are really grateful for the excellent work and can highly recommend Corporate Spring for this type of work.

Martin Falch

CEO, 360Leaders

You want your coaches to make an immediate impact on you and your team, and no one does this more than Annicken. She is by far the best “culture expert” I have ever come across both as a subject matter expert and her ability to facilitate implementation. Her impressive background, combined with her uniquely energetic personality and “no b.s”  attitude, was the reason we chose to engage Corporate Spring to work on our own organization, and now gladly recommended them to all of our clients.

Johan-Thomas Hegdahl

CEO / Partner Adwice, Chairman Regnskap Norge

To work with Corporate Spring, a consultancy firm grounded in reality, that understand our everyday challenges and help implement tools that really works, has been highly inspiring! We went from thinking that culture- and leadership development was a cost to realizing it was an investment in our company’s success and growth in the digital age.

Mike Baird

Chief Executive Officer, Avizia

Corporate Spring’s inspiration and insights have driven us to a greater level.  We are proud to be one of the most admired companies in our sector with employee ratings that are off the charts. Thank you for all you have done to improve corporate culture around the world!

Sarah Stennett

CEO, First Access Entertainment

Corporate Spring is the antidote to typical management consultants, they are “Corporate Therapists”. They have been a tremendous help in making our leadership team and entire organization become more structured, focused and engaged. Overall they have helped us create a more healthy company; organized, inspired and prepared for change and growth.

Jan Quant

CEO and Co-Founder, Screendragon

I’m still glowing from the positive energy emitted by Annicken from Corporate Spring. It is very easy to be “cynical” about intangible factors like “being happy at work” as they appear to be difficult objectives to quantify. I think it was an important reminder to be mindful of the key component of most businesses… PAOGA – People Are Our Greatest Assets.

The Corporate Spring Core Team

Annicken R. Day

Founder, CEO & Culture Strategist
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  +47 98 28 98 91

Founder and CEO Corporate Spring, executive advisor for Fortune 500 leaders, international keynote speaker, moderator and writer; Annicken R. Day helps and inspires leaders around the world in building thriving, high performing team cultures wired for the new world of work. As Chief Culture Officer Tandberg and Culture Ambassador Cisco, she played an incremental role in building world class cultures in fast moving, high-growth IT companies, and today Corporate Spring has some of the world’s leading IT firms as clients. Annicken is also a columnist for Huffington Post and Business Insider, co-author of the book "Creative Superpowers" and author of the novel Fly Butterfly (recently released in Norway as Fly, Sommerfugl). Read more here.

Trude Helen Shelby

Partner, Business Psychologist
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+47 98 22 81 93

Former HR director TANDBERG and Cisco, Organizational Psychologist and certified Gestalt Psychotherapy Coach, Trude Helen has in-depth experience and understanding of the underlying dynamics of organizational life and how to use effective HR strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of business. With background from organizational transformation, mergers & acquisitions, talent and succession planning, leadership development and team excellence, Trude coaches leaders and team members, facilitates workshops and give keynotes on how to optimize team performance and create thriving work cultures for the new world of work. 

Tove Maria Helgaker

Partner & COO

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With background from hospitality and telecom; organizational and product development; Tove Maria joined Corporate Spring in 2013 and has since then handled the operational side of the company; including coordinating clients and consultants on 3 continents. Tove Maria is also responsible for Corporate Spring’s online platform and corporate video offerings, in addition to helping our clients develop personalized storytelling videos to improve their online presence. With equal passion for people and technology, Tove Maria helps make Corporate Spring’s offerings accessible for a larger audience on a global scale.

Cherry Johal Yates

Communications Strategist

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With her experience in the entertainment industry including leadership positions at Discovery Channel, National Geographic and FX Networks, Cherry is a global communications strategist, experienced in marketing and corporate communications. Her various leadership roles instilled a passion for building high performance teams and for promoting professional growth and culture of inclusivity, diversity and belonging.

Mikael Hansson

Associate Business Psychologist

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Licensed psychologist with extensive experience of developing people and organizations, Mikael’s expertise is to develop management teams and coach leaders into become the best versions of themselves. He assesses and advices individuals in their personal development and helps leaders and management teams develop their business, while helping them integrate their personality with the current role in the present context. 

Liz Dadanian

Leadership & Culture Strategist

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With background from Fortune 50 corporations to VC backed startups, Liz has served in executive positions across finance, accounting, audit, risk management, operations, and consulting. She has worked with thousands of executives and team members to drive change, create intentional cultures, and achieve alignment around a shared business purpose, unleash their full potential and find renewed joy in doing work that matters.

Erik Rodin

Associate Innovation & Culture Strategist

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Erik is passionate about new models of learning and new ways of working. He has a background as an innovation consultant and learning designer and uses this to coach, advice and consult everything from startups to large complex organizations on some of their trickiest challenges. Always working from a deep rooted belief that the client’s know their business better than he ever will and that his job is to create the space for them to collaborate, grown and learn together.

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