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Many employees, teams and leaders have recently found themselves in a virtual work situation they were not used to nor prepared for. Some are amazed how well it is working, others admit they are struggling with making things work. With background from the videoconference industry and having worked with, and led, virtual teams for the last 18 years, the Corporate Spring team will share some highly effective strategies and tools that overnight will make you more effective as a virtual leader. 

Building Thriving, High Performing Team Cultures Virtually

Learn about:

  • What powerful virtual teams do, and how to communicate and collaborate when working remotely.

  • The 5 building blocks of high performing team cultures and how to work with them in practice.

  • How to be an inspiring and effective leader of virtual teams in times of change.


The 5 Building Blocks of High Performing Team Cultures


Science shows us that, regardless of situation, a few fundamental human drivers intrinsically motivate and inspire us to perform at our best.

Through insightful talks, handbooks, exercises and a library of resources, this unique online course provides guidance and practical tools in how to build high-performing team cultures, while inspiring you to reflect and learn and grow; personally as well as professionally.  

With extensive practical experience from world leading organizations, professional expertise, and models and tools solidly grounded in science, the Corporate Spring team explore the human mind, discuss the fundamental human drivers for high-performing teams, and share examples and advice in how to work with these in practice.

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What you get:

  • 5 High-performing Team Culture online modules.
  • 5 workbooks, one per online module.
  • 5 Self-reflection and team-reflection exercises, one per online module.
  • 2 Neuroscience of Change videos.
  • Library of resources; studies, articles, videos.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the key drivers for high-performing team cultures.
  • Increased awareness of leadership’s role in shaping culture.
  • Insight into why change is difficult and how to make it easier.
  • Practical tools in how to engage, energize and optimize team performance in times of change.
  • Reflect and learn and grow; personally as well as professionally.

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The Corporate Spring team has helped thousands of leaders and teams around the world build thriving, high performing team cultures through in-person events, online programs and coaching.

Based on own practical experience, professional competence and methodologies solidly grounded in science,
we simplify the complex and help our clients achieve tangible results – while enjoying the process!

Your Virtual Team: 

Annicken R. Day

Founder, CEO & Culture Strategist

As Chief Cultural Officer in the videoconference company TANDBERG, Culture Ambassador in Cisco and founder of Corporate Spring, Annicken has helped thousands of leaders build high-performing teams for over 20 years. In her years as leader in the IT industry she led global, virtual teams and demonstrated how to build strong, collaborative team cultures by the use of visual communication technologies. With extensive experience and expertise within the fields of corporate culture, leadership, team performance and change; Annicken speaks, advises, coaches and trains leaders and teams in how to communicate and collaborate effectively, perform at their best and create cultures that buzz with creativity and joy.

   +47 98 28 98 91

Mikael Hansson

Associate Business Psychologist

Licensed clinical psychologist, Mikael has over the last 25 years worked with a variety of global executive teams, helped them collaborate more effectively, make better decisions and build successful  businesses. With expertise in developing people, teams and organizations, Mikael supports and coaches leaders through times of change and helps individuals and leaders grow and become the best versions of themselves. He assesses and advises leaders in their personal development and helps management teams improve their company’s performance.

   +46 70 629 63 62

Trude Helen Shelby

Partner, Business Psychologist

As HR director in the videoconference company TANDBERG and Team Excellence specialist in Cisco, Organizational Psychologist and certified Gestalt Psychotherapy Coach, Trude has in-depth experience and understanding of the underlying dynamics of organizational life and how to communicate and collaborate effectively in virtual teams. With extensive experience and expertise within the areas of leadership development, team dynamics, organizational change and corporate culture, Trude develops, coaches and supports leaders and teams in how to optimize team performance and create thriving work cultures in times of uncertainty and change

   +47 98 22 81 93

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