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Human Centered

The recent years have brought an increased awareness around the importance of the human side of business. People who show up for work every morning aren’t just “resources”. We are human-beings. And only when treated as such we feel safe, engaged and inspired to grow, perform and give our very best.

Having purpose, a sense of belonging and feelings of psychological safety are fundamental for a well-functioning teams. When we also learn the power of mindsets and feel passionate and joy for our work, we are more engaged, empowered and happy, which inspires us to do great work. When these emotions happen on a collective basis, the outcome is thriving, high-performing organizations.


The Human-Centered Journey

With in-depth knowledge of organizational life, group dynamics, human psychology and neuroscience combined with many years of practical experience from the corporate world (including having received multiple Best Places to Work Awards), we are uniquely equipped to guide you on your journey towards a more human-centered way of working.

When working with you, we will typically start out with helping you get a better understanding of where you are, where you need to be, then recommend the necessary steps to take you from current situation to desired state. The journey from here to there typically involves leadership development, team workshops, coaching and practical advise on how to integrate new ways of working into current business practices.

We also offer self-leadership keynotes and workshops for anyone who wants to live a more purposeful, self-empowered and inspired (work) life.

Corporate Spring Human Centered Organizations

Some Of Our Workshops and Keynotes

  • Humane & Authentic Leadership
  • Self-Leadership & Growth Mindsets
  • Thriving Work Cultures
  • The Journey of Change
  • Neuroscience at Work
  • Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
  • The Butterfly Mindset

Inspirational talk based on Corporate Spring’s founder Annicken R. Day’s bestselling novel “Fly, Butterfly”

fly butterfly book by annicken day

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