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Our expertise is leadership, culture and communications. These three areas are closely interlinked and have profound influence on people and performance and also how the company is viewed by the outside world.

We don’t believe there is one size that fits all but we do know that most companies want the same; to succeed with whatever they do. Having worked with many different companies, from ten-people startups to corporations of thousands, we know that growth, performance and business success ultimately boils down to the HUMAN side of business. How people feel. The way they think. How well they collaborate. And whether they are inspired, aligned and motivated to give their best

We also know that organizational life is complex, change can be messy, that answers are found in the process and that starting with end in mind increases the chances of getting there.

We are former executives, business psychologists, culture and communications strategists experienced and knowledgeable about the HUMAN side of business. And we are passionate about helping you unleash your potential.

The Way We Work

We believe that every team and company have unique gifts and specific challenges. Our approach includes effective, customized, practical, impactful – and enjoyable – learning experiences that will help you succeed and thrive in the new world of work.

From Change To Transition

Change is situational and external. Transition is psychological and internal. Unless transition occurs, change will not work. By focusing on the HUMAN side of business; we help leaders, teams and individuals transition into who they need to be to succeed in the future.

Learning By Doing

We have a good idea of what great cultures and successful organizations look like, but we also know that no organization or situation are quite the same. By learning as we go and working closely with you, we constantly customize our approach for best possible results.

Simplify, Focus, Act

We know organizational life is complex and that change and growth can be messy. Sometimes the best of intentions can have unintended effects. We help simplify the complex, focus on the things that lead to the greatest impact, and suggest practical actionable steps that simply work.

Always With End In Mind

The best, ultimate outcome for our clients is always our guiding star. We don’t do check-in-the-box exercises, we help create HUMAN experiences that tend to positively impact people and teams way beyond the projects we are working on with you.

CS Team Executive Coaching 1

Executive Advisory & Coaching

We are a diverse team with backgrounds and expertise in Leadership, Culture, Communications, Business Psychology and Organizational Behavior,  specialized in the HUMAN side of business.

We offer executive advisory services, coaching, mentorship and general advise on what to do and where to start in order to help your teams and organization collaborate, innovate and thrive – and deliver outstanding performance as a result of our unique solutions.

Corporate Spring In person Virtual Workshops

In-person & Virtual Workshops

Engaging and inspiring workshops, delivered in-person or virtually, either as part of a learning series or as a single workshop. Whether you choose generic content or concepts tailored to your specific needs; we deliver educational and energizing learning experiences, packed with insight and inspiration. All concepts and methods are based on scientific evidence, extensive experience and have been thoroughly tested with extraordinary results.

speaking engagement annicken day corporate spring

Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO of Corporate Spring and author of the novel Fly, Butterfly, is a globally sought-after speaker within the field of leadership, culture, innovation, creativity, high performing teams and personal and professional growth.

Trude Helen Shelby,Corporate Spring partner and business psychologist, gives insightful and inspiring keynotes about leadership and culture, business psychology, neuroscience of change, and how to create resilient, high performing team cultures in the new world of work.

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