High-Performing Teams and Inspired Cultures

High-Performing Teams Inspired Cultures
Are you a growing start-up that wants to ensure that you keep the culture that got you this far? Maybe you’re in a more mature company and need your team culture to evolve and adapt to the new world of work, or maybe find its way back to its core? Or perhaps you want to go back to the drawing board and figure out who you are, where you’re going, and how you can work together to get there?

Whatever culture aspirations you have – we can help you. We can assess your current culture, guide your culture journey, and help develop the human side of your organization so you can grow, thrive and achieve your business success in the new world of work.

Culture as Strategy for Growth

You might have heard the expression “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” often credited to management thinker Peter Drucker. At Corporate Spring we take it one step further, and recommend teams and organizations to make their culture a strategy for growth.

So how do you do that? First of all you need to be clear about your purpose, because that is what your culture (hopefully) supports. While purpose is your why, strategies are your whats, and culture is the how. You wouldn’t leave that to chance, would you?

Having worked with culture in some of the world’s most successful companies (who also received multiple Best Place to Work awards), we are currently advising multiple ambitious and visionary leaders. From startup founders to Fortune 500 executives, we are helping them make their culture a strategy for growth.

Culture as Strategy for Growth
The Corporate Spring Model about
We are experts on the HUMAN side of business: how to align, engage and inspire people to give their best every day. We have a “method to the madness”  – it is the science and experience-based Corporate Spring Model that we have coached thousands of leaders and employees on with extraordinary outcomes for the last fifteen years.  It is a holistic model that addresses five human motivational factors and how they come to life through leadership, communication and collaboration. Research and experience show that the combination of these factors lead to thriving, high-performing organizations.  

If you’re curious on how we can help you build high-performing teams and inspired cultures and make your culture a strategy for growth, we would love to hear from you.

Some of Our Offerings

High-Performing Teams

  • Leadership Culture Workshops
  • Team Culture Workshops
  • Corporate Spring Culture Pulse™
  • Define Purpose and Values
  • Define Organizational Culture
  • High-Performing Teams Online Training
  • Keynotes & Workshops targeting one or multiple themes from The Corporate Spring Model   

Jason Angelus

Head of Global Demo Engineering, Cisco

Having worked with the Corporate Spring team over the last years, I have first-hand experienced the amazing effect of what they do and how they do it. By combining theory, experience and neuroscience with excellent facilitation skills, they have trained, inspired and provided tremendous value to our 350 people global team. Their work has led to higher levels of belonging, trust and engagement, more innovation, collaboration and better performance across the team. The return of this investment has been phenomenal.​


of executives say culture is critical to their business success.


of executives don’t think they have the right culture.


of the global workforce say they are engaged in their jobs.


Companies with highly engaged employees are 23% more profitable.

Source: Gallup

Curious on how we can help you?

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