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On Becoming Free From The Fear Of Failure

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Be kind to yourself. Trying to be free of fear of failure is a courageous journey that only a few dare to embark on. If you´re one of those who has decided that you´re not going to let fear of failure stop you from living your best life, you´re already way above the curve of where most people are. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit for that.

Why Happiness is Good for Business


See Connie (Wang) Steele and Annicken R. Day’s LinkdIn Live session “Why Happiness is Good for Business” 

Connie and Annicken share a passion for culture and leadership and the the importance of a more human approach to work. In this webinar they talk about their own journeys from corporate executives to passionate entrepreneurs, why happiness is good for business, and what leaders need to focus on to create these kinds of workplaces.

The Mindfulness

The Mindfullness Experience


In #themindfulnessexperience podcast, Annicken R. Day is interviewed by podcast host, author and counselor Keith W. Fiveson, about why so many people are quitting their jobs these days, what business leaders can do to keep their talents, and how to build work cultures where people thrive and do great work as a consequence. They also discuss some of the life and leadership philosophies in Annicken´s novel Fly, Butterfly, and the importance of being true to oneself, in life and in business.

Driving Business via Purpose


Horasis is a global think-tank with the mission to enact visions for a sustainable future. Annicken R. Day, founder of Corporate Spring, is a regular contributor to Horasis global conferences, both as a speaker and moderator. On the event “Driving Business via Purpose”, Annicken moderates a discussion between Abdulaziz Albakr, Bernhard Bauhofer, Mike Durrie and Jeremy Heimans on how to make business a force for good, and how leaders can transform their business by implementing more purpose-driven, sustainable business models.

Making Culture a Strategy for Growth

Oslo Business Forum
Live event

Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring speaks at Oslo Business Forum Live event about how to make Culture Your Strategy for Growth.



Leadership magazine
Featured December 2020
Trude Helen Shelby, Corporate Spring

Trude H. Shelby, business psychologist and partner, Corporate Spring, is featured in Norway’s leading business magazine. In a 6-page article with the headline: “Understand the Brain”, she speaks about how the brain works when we experience change. 



Leadership magazine
Featured October 2020
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring

Annicken R. Day is featured in Ledernytt, Norway’s biggest leadership magazine. In a 6-pages article with the headline “Culture Eats Digital Strategy for Breakfast”, Corporate Spring’s founder and CEO speaks about why most organizations fail at digitization and why focusing on leadership and culture, and inspire people for behavioral change, is what leads to successful digital transformation.

Nordic VR Forum 2020

Immersive learning technologies
Online event, October 29th 2020
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring.

Annicken R. Day’s opens up Nordic VR Forum 2020 conferences with her keynote “Culture and Leadership in The New World of Work”.



Women’s magazine
Featured October 2020
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring

Annicken R. Day is featured in Kamille, one of Norway’s biggest women’s magazines. In a 5-pages article with the headline “I Want to Have Fun!”,  Corporate Spring’s founder and CEO shares her life- and business philosophy, the inspiration behind her novel Fly, Butterfly and why happy employees and joyful businesses achieve extraordinary results.


Brand Minds Live 2020

The Business Summit of 2020
Global Online Event, September 2020
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring

Brand Minds is Eastern Europe’s most significant business conference, finding place every year. This year’s conference is a 3-days online event and Annicken R. Day, founder and CEO of Corporate Spring, will be the opening keynote speaker with her presentation “How to Create the Best Performing Culture in Your Company”. She will be followed by 18 world-renown speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek and Brené Brown.


Oslo Innovation Week

Future of Work
Oslo, Norway September 2020
Trude H. Shelby, Corporate Spring

Oslo Innovation Week is a yearly conference arranged to see how tech, startups, cities and government can all collaborate to bring about positive and sustainable change in society. One of this year’s focus areas is Future of Work and Trude Shelby from Corporate Spring is, in collaboration with Cisco, moderating a session called “How to enable the new normal”.

Oslo Business Forum

Oslo Business Forum

The New Normal
Oslo, Norway. Online Broadcast,  Sept 2020
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring

Oslo Business Forum and Nordic Business Forum are the leading business conferences in the Nordic countries, with 5-8000 participants per event. Earlier conferences have had speakers like Richard Branson, George Clooney, Brené Brown and President Barack Obama. This year’s joint conference, The New Normal, will be an an online event, with over 3000 participants signed up. The conference will be moderated by Annicken R. Day from Corporate Spring, who will also participate in a panel debate on the future of leadership.   


Fly, Sommerfugl

Book Launch
Annicken R. Day, Corporate Spring

Annicken R. Day’s novel “Fly, Butterfly” was released in the US in October 2019. In December 2019, Norway’s biggest publishing house Cappelen Damm acquired the Norwegian rights for the book, and “Fly, sommerfugl” was released in Norway in August 2020. On the release party of the book, Annicken R. Day was invited by Cappelen Damm TV to talk about what has inspired the book and share some of her business and life philosophies with the viewers.

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