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Founder & CEO, Bestselling Author and Speaker.

Annicken R. Day

Annicken R. Day has been a pioneer in the leadership and work culture space for the last 20 + years. As one of the world’s first “Chief Culture Officers,” Day was instrumental in building a thriving, high-performing, innovative culture in Tandberg, a Norwegian startup within the videoconference space. The company experienced extraordinary growth, received multiple Best Place to Work awards, became a global market leader in its industry, and was acquired by Cisco for $3.5 Bill USD in 2010.

As founder and CEO of Corporate Spring for the last decade, Day has coached, trained, and advised leaders globally, from startup founders to Fortune 500 leaders, in how to build thriving, high-performing cultures in the new world of work. Through the effective and science-based Corporate Spring Model, with decades of experience in hybrid work, and a philosophy rooted in the Scandinavian way of work and life, Day and her team have shared their expertise with leaders and teams in over fifty countries.

Drawing from her global experience as a culture expert and entrepreneur, Day provides authentic and bold insights into how the new world of work requires new ways of thinking and leading, why business success is closely intertwined with employee wellbeing and happiness, and how to create these kinds of organizations.

Annicken R. Day´s best-selling novel Fly Butterfly, translated into multiple languages, is inspired by Day´s own metamorphosis journey as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and human being in pursuit of freedom, joy, and happiness.

Fly, Butterfly

– a novel

Maya Williams is an ambitious, hard-working, New York businesswoman, stymied on her way up the corporate ladder by sexist, male executives. When sent to the Hawaiian island Kaua’i to speak at a conference, she finds herself having to make a choice that may jeopardize her entire career.

On Kaua’i Maya experiences the chill island life for the first time, and as she meets the people who open her eyes to different ways of thinking and being, she begins to see life, work, love – and herself – in a whole new light.

When Maya returns to the corporate world, as an executive, can she implement her new philosophies and still succeed? And will her personal and professional metamorphosis ultimately bring her the happiness and freedom she dreams of?

Fly, Butterfly is Annicken R. Day’s debut novel; a personal and professional metamorphosis story, inspired by many true events.

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Fly Butterfly Annicken R Day

Fly, Butterfly





Fly, sommerfugl




Aloha und alles auf Anfang



– Adam Grant

New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Take, host of the TED podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant

Annicken R. Day has a gift for transforming bureaucracies into businesses that buzz with creativity and joy. With her debut novel, she shows that she also has a knack for crafting stories about transforming ourselves.

Elham Binai

VP People & Culture, The Addecco Group

Wow, Fly, Butterfly took mer on an adventure! This is an authentic, bold, romantic, wise and powerful story, which will speak to people in all walks of life. It’s also a must-read for leaders – of both genders- who want to be authentic, love life, and find a way to their true passion and purpose. II believe Maya’s story will help and guide so many people on their journey on this earth.

Amy Brann

Author of Engaged, Make Your Brain Work and Neuroscience for Coaches

Fly, Butterfly is a page turner that draws you in and makes you nod furiously, laugh deeply, and then sob with empathy. This is a powerful novel that has the energy to inspire change.

Thomas Eriksson

CEO, lecturer, Bestselling Author of Surrounded by Idiots.

An inspiring read about personal and professional transformation and the impact happiness really has on life – and business. To all men: You should read this book too!


A globally sought-after keynote speaker and moderator, Annicken R. Day speaks about a wide range of topics; from leadership, culture and new world of work to personal growth, positive psychology and the science of happiness. Recognized for her in-depth knowledge of the human side of business combined with her natural energy and positivity, she speaks to startup founders, Fortune 500 executives, teams and individuals on new ways of thinking, working and leading in the new world of work.

She also gives keynotes based on the philosophy behind her bestselling novel “Fly, Butterfly,” on personal and professional transformation and how to find more freedom and joy in life by embracing the Butterfly Mindset.

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