Happy, Engaged Teams Are Great For Business!

Happy, Engaged Teams:

–  Collaborate better
–  Innovate more
–  W
ork more effectively
–  Are more loyal
–  Are healthier and happier
–  Give better customer service
–  Deliver up to 50% better results!

Sources: Deloitte, Delaney, Gallup.

We Help You Find YOUR Secret Formula to High Performing Teams.

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Inspiring Talks

Having a conference, event or just in need of fresh ideas and perspectives on what it takes to build super engaged, high performing teams in the new world of work? We offer inspiring talks that open eyes, minds and hearts and motivate for new ways of thinking, working and leading. 

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Finding Your Secret Formula

Have you ever wondered why some teams just seem to collaborate effortlessly, are more energized, creative, committed and seem to really enjoy their work? Have you noticed how these teams usually also do a much better job? Let us tell you a secret; they most probably have found their Secret Formula. And now you can too.

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Culture eLearning

To build culture is not done overnight, but with Corporate Spring’s tailor made Culture eLearning program, you can inspire, involve and educate your entire organisation in an interactive and meaningful way without anyone having to leave the office, their home – or wherever they are in the world.

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M&A Culture Integration

8 out of 10 mergers and acquisitions fail due to “Culture Crash” . We inspire, train and equip you in how to create a collaborative environment and new sense of unity between newly merged teams while keepinge  business momentum in the integration process.

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Highly engaged people collaborate better, innovate more, have happier customers and deliver up to 50% better results. We inspire, train and equip you in how to create highly engaged teams.

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Innovation Culture

In a rapidly changing world “How we always have done it” just doesn’t work anymore. We inspire, train and equip you to create a culture wired for change, creativity and growth.

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faveico   All concepts can be delivered as tailor made keynotes, leadership and culture programs, team-workshops, elearning and executive advisories – or all combined.

About Us

Our Vision
A corporate spring, where eyes shine and
businesses thrive.

Our Mission
Helping leaders discover the
Secret Formula for extraordinary

Our Passion
Inspire, train and equip leaders and teams in
making it happen.

The Founders

Annicken R. Day

Founder & Culture Strategist

Annicken has 20 years experience of building world-class, vibrant corporate cultures and inspired and effective leadership teams from her roles as Chief Cultural Officer for Tandberg, Culture Evangelist in Cisco and as founder and Culture Strategist for Corporate Spring. Through her leadership roles she has played significant roles in achieving Best Places to Work awards, world class innovation and extraordinary results for the companies she has worked for and with.


The last 10 years she has trained thousands of leaders in how to build highly engaged teams and cultures wired for collaboration, innovation and growth. She is a sought-after public speaker, TEDx contributor, Huffington Post blogger, leadership advisor and passionate maverick in promoting new ways of working, thinking and leading for thriving organizations in the new world of work.

Tove Helgaker

Co-Founder & Chief Organizer

Tove has 20 years experience with organizational development, service management, project leadership and business development from both travel industry and the telecom business. With passion for people, service and technology she has held roles as hotel director,call-centers and customer service development, managed employee well-being initiatives, developed inspiring office environments and negotiated multi million dollar real estate contracts.


Tove is responsible for the development of Corporate Springs e-learning and online platforms.

faveico   Corporate Spring is a “hub” for a variety of extraordinary specialists; business leaders and psychologists, professional coaches, inspiring facilitators and other consultancy firms. We provide our clients with exactly what they need for their specific situation.