The human side of

digital transformation

– leadership & culture in the digital age.

The human side of



 – leadership & culture

in the digital age.

Culture eats digital strategy for breakfast. And it starts with leadership.

Annicken R. Day, founder of Corporate Spring

A New World of Work

The digital age is upon us. A new world of work is a reality. Business as usual simply doesn’t work anymore.

Speed, change and uncertainty is the new normal.

Our Mission to Show You How

How do leaders lead, how do teams work, to stay relevant, competitive and thrive in the digital age?

Corporate Spring’s mission is to show you how.

 We help unleash your business potential through:


How to be an inspiring & authentic leader through engaging, authentic and 21st century leadership.


We work in close and caring relationships with our clients.

Our methods are based on knowledge, research and experience.
Our mission is to help you succeed.

This is the corporate spring way.

Company Programs

Engaging and interactive programs, workshops and “hackathons”.

How to be a Leader through Online Learning leadership management development interactive inspiring training courses in how to be a better leader online management training leadership course.

Digital Solutions

Make learning fast, interactive, inspiring and easy accessible. Tailor made to your specific needs.


Get your personal coach. Take your leadership capabilities to your next level.

Inspirational motivational talks about engagement change leadership innovation cross-cultural communication corporate culture & human side of digitalization.


Inspiring and thought-provoking talks.

Popular themes:

bfLeadership in The Digital age
bfThe Human Side of Digitalization
bfCulture Hacking
bfThe Anatomy of High Performing Teams.
bf What Great Change Leaders Do
bf Cross-cultural Communication


Clients from IT, Banking, Accounting, Shipping, Marketing, Recruitment, Travel- and Entertainment-industry, from small start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies,

this is what they say:

The digital revolution is forcing accounting firms to change, which we all know is easier said than done. Having heard Annicken speak about the importance of culture and engaging people to be part of the change, we hired Trude from Corporate Spring to help us put it all into practice. The outcome of that work has been astonishing, we know now for a fact that ’culture eats strategy for breakfast’! To work with Corporate Spring, a consultancy firm grounded in reality, that understand our everyday challenges and help implement tools  that really works, has been highly inspiring. We went from thinking this was a cost to knowing it was an investment in our company’s success and growth in the digital age. Johan-Thomas Hegdahl

CEO / Partner Adwice, Chairman Regnskap Norge

Corporate Spring’s inspiration and insights have driven us to a greater level.  We are proud to be one of the most admired companies in our sector with employee ratings that are off the charts. Thank you for all you have done to improve corporate culture around the world! Mike Baird

Chief Executive Officer, Avizia

We hired Annicken from Corporate Spring as a speaker and moderator for our 300 people leadership conference and were deeply impressed by her moderating skills, ability to engage with the speakers and audience and her unique, inspiring and playful presence on stage. The audience just loved her! Gerd Stillof Løland

Marketing Director, Questback

Corporate Spring is the antidote to typical management consultants, they are “Corporate Therapists”. They have been a tremendous help in making our leadership team and entire organization become more structured, focused and engaged. Overall they have helped us create a more healthy company; organized, inspired and prepared for change and growth. Sarah Stennett

CEO, First Access Entertainment

You want your coaches to make an immediate impact on you and your team, and no one does this more than Annicken. She is by far the best “culture expert” I have ever come across both as a subject matter expert and her ability to facilitate implementation. Her impressive background, combined with her uniquely energetic personality and “no b.s”  attitude, was the reason we chose to engage Corporate Spring to work on our own organization, and now gladly recommended them to all of our clients. Martin Falch

CEO, 360Leaders

I’m still glowing from the positive energy emitted by Annicken from Corporate Spring. It is very easy to be “cynical” about intangible factors like “being happy at work” as they appear to be difficult objectives to quantify. I think it was an important reminder to be mindful of the key component of most businesses… PAOGA – People Are Our Greatest Assets. Jan Quant

CEO and Co-Founder, Screendragon

The Corporate Spring Team:

Annicken R. Day

Annicken R. Day

Founder, Culture Strategist & Business Therapist

Tove Marie Helgaker

Tove Marie Helgaker

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Trude Helen Shelby

Trude Helen Shelby

Culture Strategist & Business Therapist

Mikael Hansson

Mikael Hansson

Associate Business Psychologist

Full profiles

Founder, Culture Strategist & Business Therapist

Annicken is passionate about helping leaders and organizations change, grow and thrive in a constantly changing business landscape. As Chief Cultural Officer in TANDBERG and Culture Evangelist in Cisco, digitalization, innovation cultures and constant changes have been her playground; Best Places to Work awards, extraordinary growth and outstanding business results have been some of the outcomes.

Since she founded Corporate Spring in 2012, Annicken has trained thousands of leaders around the world in how to unleash their business potential by focusing on leadership, teams and culture; the human side of digital transformation. She is a sought-after public speaker, blogger, video-presenter, she serves as an executive advisor for a variety of global companies and is a passionate maverick in promoting new ways of working, thinking and leading in the new world of work..

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Tove’s passion and talents lies in the intersection between people, service and technology, with a natural curiosity to find new solutions to old problems and create products and services that combine design with user-friendliness. Tove is the ‘operational wizard’ of Corporate Spring, video- and website developer and the master behind the Corporate Springs online platform. In addition; she supports some of our clients with their digital visibility and development of videos, website and other online tools.

Tove also comes from the organizational development side, and has spent many years in service management, project leadership and business development in the travel- and telecom business; before she gradually has evolved into the technology-space, creatively pursuing new and inspiring solutions that enables Corporate Spring – and our clients – to thrive in the digital era. 

Culture Strategist & Business Therapist 

Trude’s passion is to coach and assist leaders in achieving success by focusing on the human side of business- and digital transformation, by growing leadership capabilities, engagement in teams and inspired cultures. Having worked in the intersection between people, technology and change the last 12 years, she has achieved an in-depth, intuitive understanding of what drives and hinders collaboration, innovation and growth. She uses these skills to help leaders develop effective strategies to address organizational needs at the same as she coaches them on underlying mindsets, behaviors and habits in order to become more effective in their leadership roles.

With extensive experience in HR strategy and execution, change management, M&A, culture development, performance management, talent- and leadership development in fast-moving, high tech environments, she also helps clients in developing “New Way of HR” mindsets and agenda; a more effective and ‘upgraded’ organizational people-approach, designed for the digital age.

Associate Business Psychologist

Mikael is a licensed psychologist with an extensive experience developing people and organizations by primarily focusing on management team development and leadership coaching. In addition to these assignments he assesses and advices individuals in their personal development and in developing their proficiency in various fields of expertise, as well as helping leaders and management teams to develop their business. Renewing the dynamics within a company naturally requires a variety of approaches and methods, but helping leaders integrate their personality with the current role in the present context, is in his experience and opinion a necessity. Founder of Michael Hansson Ltd.

Our Vision

Thriving people and businesses,

a better worklife for all.

Our Mission

Helping leaders and organizations fulfill their potential,
for the benefit of people, profit and planet.

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